Our Projects

Nepal 2013 Trip

The visit to Nepal was emotional, educational, immersive and eye opening. This amazing opportunity gave us the time to understand another culture, way of life, and let us meet new friends and to give back to our global community.

We arrived in Kathmandu, and after settling in, we traveled to a local hostel in the mountains, the closest accommodation available to the orphanage in Panchkhal.  Traveling through the country side we witnessed the extreme poverty and hardship large proportions of Nepalese people endure.

Finally we reached the Panchkhal orphanage to meet the boys.  This is a small orphanage of 28 boys, aged from 8 to 30 years.

Our group of 17, including 9 children, had the privilege of spending 4 days at the orphanage and our first day was spent celebrating the International Mud Festival

As we frolicked in mud, a local band comprising of young girls and women set up on the banks & played beautiful music.  Bishnu later explained that PSD facilitates the girls to learn music, and pays them to perform locally. Some of these girls (as young as 9 years old) had been rescued from slavery and forced prostitution and having the means to support themselves is an important ongoing endeavor PSD was committed to alongside their commitment to helping abandoned children of Nepal.

The mud festival coincided with harvest day, meaning that after our hours of ploughing the muddy field beneath our feet, the local villagers came to plant their rice crop.

We arrived the next day at the orphanage with a trampoline that had been donated by Jumpstar Trampolines WA .  The parents and boys assembled the trampoline – a rare site in Nepal and it didn’t take the boys long to learn.

Before our departure to Nepal we had asked PSD Nepal to identify projects that would support the children of Panchkal. Over the next 3 days we engaged in group jobs of cutting back the field of long grass – with pairs of scissors! ( In 2015 we came back with a lawnmower ). We painted the dining room, kitchen and common areas together with the local painter, and planted the beginnings of an orchard with the children.

We played local games, met the local school children that had come to play on the trampoline and enjoyed an international game of soccer.

The funds we raised for this trip bought solar panels providing constant power to the fridge and lighting to the dining area. We also purchased uniforms, winter clothes, shoes, and bedding. The balance of funds went towards paying school fees for the boys as most local schooling is privately run in Nepal.

Nepal 2015 Trip

In April 2015, we returned with a delegation of 8 adults including 3 volunteers and 5 children.  Of these we had 3 commercial electricians, who helped achieve major projects of solar panel & hot water system installation. Our other sustainable projects included painting & further establishment of a sustainable market garden.