Families Building Bold Futures


Our objective in 2013 when we went to Nepal with our children was to experience Mud Day with the Panchkal Orphanage and raise as much money as we could to help improve the quality of life in the Orphanage.

Following the last day with the children at the orphanage we sat together and shared the impact of our time together. Our partner Bishnu Bhatta, founder of Partnerships for Sustainable Developments (PSD) Nepal, were facilitating this last dinner and we started making enquiries as to what the future prospects were for the boys from this orphanage once they finished year 10 at age 16 or 17.

It was understood there was no further funding available and they are asked to leave the orphanage after Year 10 to make room for new children. This is the plight in Nepal, there are just so many people in need.

In April 2014, there were 5 boys preparing to leave whose only prospect was to go live in a hostel and if lucky obtain a factory job. That evening 4 families committed to fund education, board and food, clothing, school fees and books for the 5 boys for 2 years. These 4 families are the founding members of Families Building Bold Futures inc.

In August 2014, following numerous meetings, each family committed time energy and money to expand the commitment made to the 5 boys to also include the children from the orphanage and their future education. We realised we couldn’t financially carry 28 children and needed to expand the reach of our network of extended family, friends and work colleagues into the wider community. We established Families Building Bold Futures Inc.

Charity Board Members

  • Daniel Schneider
  • Brooke Schneider
  • Carla Civitella
  • Adam Michetti
  • Wendy Michetti
  • Megan Kaino
  • Mark Civitella
  • Shannon Chidlow
  • James Warrener

With thanks to special members

  • Jeff Schneider
  • Wiggy Harley
  • Blaise Paris
  • Mercedes Yanev
  • Jim Yanev