Sponsors & Supporters

In addition to our travelling group of volunteers, we have had the support of donations, ranging from corporate & sports wear to wheelchairs for children, trampolines & laptop computers.


Partnership for Sustainable Developments Nepal

Our primary partner on the ground in Nepal is Bishnu Bhatta, founder of Partnerships for Sustainable Developments (PSD) Nepal.

Partnership for Sustainable Development is a non-governmental, social development organisation, which aims to support the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Nepal. Through the vast experience of its staff, PSD has the capability to facilitate social transformation, empowerment and to provide consultancy for the execution, monitoring and evaluation of development project activities.

It is one of PSD´s founding beliefs that all programs should involve local people in their own environment to secure a participatory and sustainable approach. It is registered with the District Office in Kathmandu as well as with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) and closely cooperates with local partners in the respective program districts to ensure that project activities are conducted in the right location and manner. Hence, PSD has been recognized by the government, collaborate NGOs, the civil society and stakeholders as a reliable and successful operating organization.

Bishnu Bhatta and his staff of volunteers regularly spend time at the Panchkhal Orphanage and village where the orphanage is situated. The children’s needs are evaluated in regards to education, food availability, clothing, healthcare, pastoral care and housing. Bishnu subsequently communicates the children’s needs to FBBF and we attempt to raise the funds to facilitate the support of the children and requested sustainable projects.

PSD Nepal volunteers facilitate on the ground and evaluate progress.

Partnerships for Sustainable Developments Nepal is the organisation who facilitates the volunteer trips we have made to Nepal (2014 and 2015) they are an accredited organisation who also work with the following international partners:


JustAid is a web-based charity organization (UK) and is dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in developing countries. PSD Nepal and JustAid have a contractual agreement to work with the most vulnerable groups (especially targeting children and women) in Nepal and aim at the improvement of livelihood conditions in rural communities  http://www.justaid.org.uk

HELP, Aberdeen University, Oxford Development Abroad (ODA), Oxford University, Edinburgh Global Partnerships (EGP), Edinburgh University, Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad (BVDA), Bristol University, Development and Research Expeditions (D.A.R.E), Dundee University

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